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You can count on Mon Coach Santé Angel!
Well-being advice, coaching programmes, challenges and gifts to reward your efforts!


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This service is reserved for customers of an AXA health or AXA partners who are over 18 years of age.


Personalised support tailored to your needs and objectives

  • Tailor-made content to suit your profile
  • Calculate your biological age and adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Over 3,000 healthy activities are available to you, accessible at any time, wherever you are

Boost your physical activity

  • Discover our exercises for all levels
  • Eliminate back pain with our stretching exercises
  • Learn how to relieve aches and pains
  • Take charge of your health – even at work! – with our smart tips

Improve your mental well-being

  • Reduce stress and anxiety with our guided meditation sessions and yoga classes
  • Develop your powers of concentration
  • Fall asleep easily with our breathing exercises

Adopt a healthier eating

  • Discover our dietary advice for a balanced diet every day
  • Treat yourself to our balanced recipes and share them with your friends
  • Take part in a digital cooking class and reproduce the recipe of the week

Keep motivated with challenges!

  • Have fun with your colleagues or friends by setting yourself challenges
  • Put yourself to the test by setting yourself a step target
  • Take part in our group challenges or create your own

Collect points in the form of diamonds and earn rewards

  • By reaching a weekly step target,
  • By doing a physical activity or meditation session,
  • And get vouchers or make a donation to support a good cause.

💡 TIP: enable activity tracking and get rewarded for your daily activity.


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